New Year, New Goals!

New Year, New Goals! Friday 3 January 2020

Simple as that! It may sound as a cliché, but it’s as real as it gets: with the New Year coming, it’s time to set new goals. And now it’s easier than ever, as we live in times where we have plenty of information and the power to achieve whatever we set our mind to!

Step One: Set your goal! Your options are plenty and purely personal, since eac...

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Easter Vibes

Easter Vibes Monday 15 April 2019

Easter, possibly the greatest Greek celebration, is a time of strong tradition throughout beautiful Greece. During this period, our country turns into a mosaic of customs definitely worth knowing!

What does “Pasha”, the Greek word for Easter, mean? It dates back to ancient Egypt and the word “Pisah” or “passage”. In 325 AD, the word “Pasha&rdq...

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Spring in Greece

Spring in Greece Friday 22 March 2019

Now that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed a cozy winter, the beautiful white snow, Christmas, the carnival and its feasts, it’s time to welcome the coming of spring! This wonderful time of the year puts on its best colors in sunny Greece, since the natural landscape of our fertile country is the best scenery for this unique season to unfold its beauties.

Indeed, spring in Greece o...

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Autumn is here

Autumn is here Friday 19 October 2018

The first rainfalls have come, meaning autumn is already here. The Greek word for autumn, “fthinoporo” is derived from the word “oporoi” which means fruit – so, for Greece, autumn is literally the time of the year when the fruit are less!

We start with September, also known as “Thesebris”. September is the first month of the f...

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Live your own Mamma Mia!

Live your own Mamma Mia! Friday 3 August 2018

For Rigas, who started out with a small hotel to create a whole castle. For Apostolis, whose small tavern gave birth to an entire movie. For the residents of Skopelos, who want to turn their island into an eco-bike / pet / allergy friendly paradise. For the residents of Telos and their renowned work on sustainable energy. For grandma Emilia and fisherman Stratis, who embraced the refugees and a...

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