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The celebration of Resurrection in the times of a pandemic

The celebration of Resurrection in the times of a pandemic Wednesday 8 April 2020

Easter in Greece 2020

So, what’s different this year? This year not only Greece, but the biggest part of the world, will be unable to celebrate in unison, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, while physically we will all be apart, that doesn’t mean that we cannot use the power of tradition to bring us closer together, even if it’s just in spirit. Keep on reading to learn...

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Tips for Staying Happy During the Coronavirus

Tips for Staying Happy During the Coronavirus Saturday 4 April 2020

#Stay happy at home

The whole world right now may seem like a scary, unwelcoming place. The uncertainty of the future might be making you believe that there is no point in thinking far ahead. But if are going to find some kind of meaning in these life-changing events and let them teach us something, let it be the following two points.

#1: Life is too fragile

Life is too fragile...

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New Year, New Goals!

New Year, New Goals! Friday 3 January 2020

Simple as that! It may sound as a cliché, but it’s as real as it gets: with the New Year coming, it’s time to set new goals. And now it’s easier than ever, as we live in times where we have plenty of information and the power to achieve whatever we set our mind to!

Step One: Set your goal! Your options are plenty and purely personal, since each of us has a ver...

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Spring in Greece

Spring in Greece Friday 22 March 2019

Now that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed a cozy winter, the beautiful white snow, Christmas, the carnival and its feasts, it’s time to welcome the coming of spring! This wonderful time of the year puts on its best colors in sunny Greece, since the natural landscape of our fertile country is the best scenery for this unique season to unfold its beauties.

Best Time to Visit Greece: Sp...

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