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Greece is one of the most popular holiday and travel destinations for Europeans, especially Germans. More and more people interested in real estate are looking for property around Greece, because of the particularly attractive value-for-money ratio in the Mediterranean region.

If you’re thinking of buying your own property in Greece, there are lots of reasons to do so:

  • 300 days of sunshine
  • Clear blue seas
  • Mild Mediterranean climate
  • Countless of beautiful islands
  • Unique and very varied nature
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Very good and healthy food
  • Low cost of living
  • Hospitable and warm-hearted people, and much more.

In Greece, purchasing real estate in particular is a very lucrative investment, with many advantages and for good reason:

  • Favorable prices compared to all other European countries
  • Low land transfer tax (3%)
  • Low purchase fee (approximately 7%)
  • High yield (over 5%)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a deep slump in tourism in Greece in the last two years, but the market for holiday properties is booming. This is partly due to the pandemic conditions, but it also has to do with the country itself. Potential buyers are looking for the security of having their own property. Privacy and security are in demand now more than ever. Moreover, more and more self-employed people are moving their home offices from rainy northern Europe to the sunny south. This makes Greek holiday properties also very interesting as investment properties for investors.

Greece can look back on a successful COVID-19 strategy, as the country ranks among the European Mediterranean countries with the fewest cases of the virus.

The prospects for the economic development of Greece and especially of the real estate market for the next few years are excellent!

There has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Greece!


Low prices compared to all other European countries
Low real estate tax
Low ancillary purchase costs
High investment return


There has never been a better moment to buy cheap property in Greece than right now! Acquisition of Greek real estate by German buyers is estimated at over 11 billion euros, with prospects for growth to up to 15 billion euros in the next decade.

In comparison with the rest of Europe, property prices in Greece are currently very cheap.

In order to make Greece more attractive as an investment location, politicians have reacted decisively in the past months, reducing the real estate transfer tax from 10% to 3%. The incidental purchase costs are at a very low level compared to other European countries (ancillary costs around 7%).

The interest of German buyers in investments in Greece is also growing rapidly:

  • More than 200,000 Germans are only interested in Greek real estate
  • Potential customers have high purchasing power

The above data is supported by the traditionally strong economic relations between Greece and Germany and the large number of German tourists who visit Greece each year (more than 4 million German tourists in 2019).


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Ferimmo is the meeting point for buyers and sellers of real estate in Greece and provides you with a large selection of exclusive real estate offers and lots of useful information about buying real estate in Greece. Through our platform, you can make your dream of living in Greece come true!

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The Ferimmo platform specializes exclusively in Greek real estate.
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Ferimmo has put together information on the most important areas that you absolutely have to consider.

These include the purchase process step-by-step, the documents you will be needing and experts to help you along the way.

We also help you expand your knowledge of important issues, such as taxation and costs when buying property in Greece.

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