Strategic Alliances


Our goal is to provide the best possible service for all our platform's users, including you!  To this aim, we have created important partnerships with strategic partners, to ensure and provide you with a smooth, seamless and integrated service that covers your needs.

One of our most important strategic partners is the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  This partnership allows us to provide you with guaranteed, top-quality services offered by the Chamber’s specialized members.

The AHK Greek-German Chamber offers you the following: 

  • Consultation and opinion services on real estate property purchases, offered by its experienced and specialized members, including the following:
  • Legal (and notarial) support for real estate property purchases
  • Drafting of opinions provided by civil engineers and architects on the real estate property you're interested in
  • Consultation and professional support to select the proper insurance for your real estate property etc.
  • Quotes from the Chamber’s specialized companies on transport services, building works, household equipment, heating, air-conditioning etc.
  • And a multitude of other services related to the purchase of real estate property in Greece.


Contact AHK now, and enjoy the specialized services provided by its established and experienced professionals, facilitating the purchase of real estate property in Greece.


Notify professionals - members of the AHK about what you are looking for


Your benefits from the cooperation between Ferimmo and AHK:

  • Support by renowned professionals - members of the Chamber, throughout the real estate property purchase process in Greece
  • Information on the real estate property market of Greece
  • Information on investing opportunities in the real estate market of Greece
  • Development of new services and products covering your specific needs
  • Simplification and reassurance of the process of purchasing your ideal vacation home in Greece


Notify professionals - members of the AHK about what you are looking for

We are very pleased to announce our strategic cooperation with the BELLEVUE Group.

BELLEVUE has been publishing Bellevue Magazine - the largest real estate magazine in Europe - for 30 years and operates the real estate portal, the internet portal of special real estate in Europe. Furthermore, BELLEVUE has been awarding recommended real estate companies from all over the world with the Bellevue Best Property Agents Quality Seal since 2006.

 The aim of our cooperation is to promote the Greek real estate market in Germany and all German-speaking countries, as well as to introduce the German public to the unique as well as beautiful real estate and investment opportunities that Greece offers, and to provide all important information and services for buying real estate in Greece.

FERIMMO, as the only German-language platform exclusively promoting Greek real estate, has the knowledge and experience to offer the best options for buying property through its collaboration with some of the largest and market-leading real estate agencies in Greece. Partnerships such as the one with BELLEVUE, as well as other institutional bodies and strong partners, dynamically contribute to the upgrading and, at the same time, the internationalisation of the Greek real estate market in Europe.
Learn more about BELLEVUE here👉 Bellevue