Real Estate Pelion

Where the mountain meets the sea and all their differences are set aside, marrying into a magical union, that’s the blessed place called Pelion! Hugged by the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea, the famous mountainous peninsula offers a variety of activities and breathtaking beauty, making it one of the top destinations in Greece!

Worth knowing about Pelion

At 1624 m and with its highest summit, Stavros, stretching for approximately 50 km, Pelion forms a natural borderline between the district of Magnesia and the Aegean Sea. With only 700 residents, it’s the perfect place for those who want to get in touch with peace and nature and embark on a journey of self-discovery and an earthlier lifestyle.

How is the Real Estate Market in Pelion?

Prices in the property market have been particularly favorable for the past few months, so it’s the best time for potential buyers to take the leap and target the property of their choice in Pelion. The Pelian market is full of opportunities and value-for-money options, since there are many extremely beautiful properties that can be found at astonishingly low prices.

What types of properties can be found in Pelion?

A common characteristic that most Pelian properties share is their atmospheric architecture and rustic elements that make them ideal for a relaxing getaway. Most properties are blessed with stunning views and the presence of raw nature.

  • Beautiful stone-built properties
  • 2-storey houses
  • One -story villas that gaze at the sea;
  • Classical maisonettes

What are the advantages of buying a property in Pelion?

Pelion is not only about unconditional beauty. While that’s a very prominent feature of the famous mountain, it’s also characterized by a variety of activities, such as skiing, biking, hiking or even horse riding, all available in the array of Pelion’s picturesque villages such as cosmopolitan Portaria, cultural Zagora or the legendary Milies. Pelion is a multi-sense experience that never gets old. Amazing sceneries - such as Makrinitsa, the so-called balcony of Pelion - exquisite tastes, ravishing flora, naturalistic sounds that blossom within the calming silence of the area, all form a special kind of beauty that is feels almost tangible the more you get to know the imposing mountain. A high-quality lifestyle awaits those who decide to choose Pelion as their second home, giving themselves the chance to get to know a simpler, grounded yet fuller way of living.

For the purchase of real estate property, the following are required:

  • a valid passport
  • a Greek tax identification number (AFM*)
  • a certificate from the responsible tax office about the payment of the land transfer tax

What are the Costs and Taxes on Property Purchase?

The purchase costs & taxes for the purchase of property in Greece, are the following:

  • Land register costs, imposed for the registration of the property at the land registry or cadaster office, amount to 1,0% of the fair value.
  • Other costs such as the legal review of ownership (of at least around € 150) must also be considered.
  • Real estate property transfer tax, which arises with the acquisition of real estate property or the acquisition of real rights upon property and is paid in principle by the buyer, before the notarial certification of the real estate property purchase. The current rate of land transfer tax is 3.09% of the purchase price. 
  • Notarization costs or notarial costs, always borne by the buyer, unless there is a different regulation. The basis of assessment used is the purchase price or the so-called unit value. Always apply the higher value. The certification costs are on average 1,5% plus VAT 24% of the underlying value.


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