MBG Consulting Services

Thessaloniki - City Center

MBG Consulting Services is a new company providing top-notch consultancy services

The company, based in Thessaloniki, takes advantage of the expertise and experience of its employees and established network of associates worldwide, an established aiming to provide top quality services to businesses and professionals.


·   Comprehensive and innovative global consulting services for all types of businesses

·   Financial, accounting and tax services

·  Bookkeeping and accounting

·  Carrying out of accounting works of every kind

·  Identification and assessment on the general state of all forms of business enterprises

·  Business Proposals for enterprises and other operations enhancement services

·  Establishment of companies and enterprises anywhere in the world

·  Mediation in providing legal advice, various legal servises and legal case-handling of any situation

·  Translation and Interpretation Services

·  Management and handling of each case of local nationals, EU and non-EU citizens, whether or not a Greek resistent and engages with the authorities to provide a reasonable result

·  Organisation of conferences, exhibitions, events, information forums

The team at MBG Consulting Services aims at understanding clients' goals and reaching the best results while providing customized services that answer to every client's needs and expectations.

MBG Consulting Services
Ionos Dragoumi 3, Thessaloniki, Greece
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MBG Consulting Services

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