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When we decided to set up an online platform with the best villas, we believed this should be enough to make us any visitor’s prime choice for their accommodation requirements. After all, our villas are aesthetically perfect and superbly comfortable, meeting any need visitors might require and situated in the most popular settings in the Mediterranean.

Yet something more was required. A holiday is more than just sun and sea, history and nature. It also means local cuisine, fresh ingredients, delicious dishes. One’s experience of a destination cannot be complete without a good taste of the local food culture. And when we are talking about the most famous, tasty and wholesome cuisine in the world, the experience becomes unique.

So we decided to ‘go the extra mile’; to provide visitors with unprecedented hospitality, with an unforgettable experience. As an option, our guests can attend —or even get involved in— the preparation of a meal at their place of sojourn, alongside an accomplished local cook. All together they will decide on the menu, buy produce from the local market and prepare the dishes in the most authentic, traditional way. The entire family will enjoy not just the outcome but also its preparation on the spot; above all, they will learn the great and small secrets of the local cuisine, the Mediterranean and Greek diet!

We provide guests with more than they could imagine. We offer a first-hand experience, one that no friends’ accounts, no photos and no internet videos can match. It has to be lived! It is an experience full of ancient gastronomic wisdom, of flavors and tastes achieved by themselves.

We give our guests what they are worth: the most perfect, unforgettable holiday of a lifetime!

18 Kyriakou Matsi str, 2408 Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus
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