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KERAS INTERIORS is an Athens-based Interior Architectural and Construction Company founded by Nadia Emmanouil, to create customized residential and hospitality designs that realize each client’s vision to the ultimate level.

Our firm creates captivating designs which deliver on every stage, aesthetic, practical and commercial. Experienced and reliable contractors handle every single step of each venture collaborating with our clients and with each other to arrive at a unique solution.

Hotels, luxury rental villas and residential properties, constitute our main activity in Greece mainland and particularly around the islands. Our mission is to complete each project and deliver to our clients all stages of work including the photo shoot interior styling.

Additionally, we provide private real estate services, we act only on behalf of the buyer. The enormous benefit is that we find the ideal property for you without trying to push specific projects. Due to our construction department, we have access to all the properties that are for sale. You just have to place a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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